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Hi guys!

I've been more active on social media than I have been here on dA! 

So follow me at the following for more up to date art news!

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Hello my lovelies. I don't have a premium account so can't use polls, but I'm trying to get a head count of any active watchers still out there. I know I've been away for a while, but I'm coming back! 

I'm also entering into RezwanaDimech journal entry to try to win a used Wacom tablet to get my digital art on! Wish us all luck yeah? 

The link is below...I really need to learn how to code these journals and pretty much anything and everything online again. Wacom Tablet 3 and 4 GIVEAWAY!!

Thanks for your continuous support! 

So I have caved and gotten both an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Art will start to trickle in if you are interested in following smaller stuff.

Bear with me as I am very new to some of these sites. Thanks for all your support!

Twitter - jaded_ice
Instagram -
Facebook page - in progress
Hi guys.

It's been awhile.


I've been thinking a lot about jHack lately. Their story, bittersweet as it is, and still unwritten aside from the few glimpses that I've let the people see. I also need my muse back.

What a week and a half! And I barely made it back to California last night (haven't even been to bed yet!! )

I had an amazing time!! Had super awesome neighbors:
Super stylistic and attractive art by Genevieve (I meant to pick up her calendar for 2013! Plus I got an amazing commission of Yin too! :D ) :icongenevieveft:
Great 2D game designer Dom :icondom2d:
Also got a couple of art books from the the talented Robbi Rodriguez

Also did an art trade with artist Yildiray Cinar!! - I got a sketch book and photo! :iconcinar:

Wish I had more time to browse around but then I would be leaving the con in the red. 8D;

I also saw :icontirael: again after a million years! Unfortunately, we didn't get to hang out much. :(

Thanks to Sharon for coming to visit and for the invite to BBQ eats and hang out time. Nick and I had a blast. Wish we could have hung out more.

A HUGE thank you to all the people that came by, bought prints and said hello.  You guys made my first NYC and NYCC a great experience. If I can find someone to split hotel/table costs with me, I'd definitely think about coming back! You guys rock!

A note to the person(s) that stole two prints off my table: I hope that it was worth it. I'm flattered that you liked them enough to steal them, but it just makes it an unpleasant experience all around. (To the person that may have gotten the catwoman and/or Harley Quinn 11x17 prints - if they don't have a signature on them, they are the stolen prints.)

Hey guys, I have no idea what the layout will be for NYCC but I'll be in AA at Y6 (… click on the table number to see a map of the layout)!! So stop by, or tell your friends to stop by. Hoping to see some east coast people again! It's been too, too, long (as my 4 year old niece would say)!

- jaded

Hi guys,

For those of you that I have commissions for, I'm slowly getting to them.
I'm finishing up two sets of wedding invitation (I swear everyone and their mama is getting married this year!!)

Also working full time, a part time job on the weekend and personal commissions leaves little time for much else. Thanks to all the new watchers as well.

In other news, my table for NYCC is paid, I have my hotel reserved, I just need to find another hotel for a couple of days after the con so that I can explore the big apple. If anyone wants to house me...;D I'll art for you. Also, thinking of doing Long Beach comic con this november as well. So much to do! So little time! That never rang truer!

But other than that, need to find time for art to sell, and there is definitely going to be an artbook in the making..and I'm going to be drawing more guys! *gasp* I know.. I need to draw some sexy men. :D

Thanks for all your support guys! I promise I'll try to upload something personal  more often..shooting for maybe once a week? Throw some ideas at me!



Ok. I'm excited. It'll be my first time in the east coast and my first time in the big apple. *o*...

But I will also be selling in the AA to help pay for the trip. 8D

Work and commissions are keeping me busy. I think it's finally time to make an artbook, or at least a sketchbook *o*

Thought I'd share some happy news with you guys. (:

:love: :love: :love: :love: xa million

edit: buy prints to fund me!…

Fanime was pretty epic this year, especially regarding big commission. I'm excited and nervous about them, but they promise to be some great pieces. Thank you to all you guys that came by, stopped and said hello, and those that bought stuff. You guys are the reason why I keep coming back each year. :love:

I was glad to be able to meet old friends and meet new ones. Picked up a few prints and some gnarly artbooks (you should get them too!)
Thanks for the company guys! Til next time!

Also, I do have prints (still) available.

11x17 's - $15 USD (3 or more @ $10/each) & postcards are $2 USD (buy 5, get one free)

Spend more than $35 and shipping in US is free. Sorry I won't be making any other CA cons this year. I have a super busy month of design, art and work so I will not be available for new commissions until after mid July. (* denotes available in postcard size and large)… * * *… * * * * * (adult print left) * * (small only) (small only) * * (small only) - single characters * * * (small only) *

and bobble head chibis (small prints only):

Thanks for all the support guys! I have some pretty great things planned for later this year/next year's con(s). I want to try out some east coast conventions as well.. so we shall see!  :>



I am able to log into this account. @_____@ /lost my pw for a while and I miss it.

And there's news! We can change our usernames?! Holyshitballs!....There's so many messages to go through! I apologize for any delayed I just have to figure out how to change my username..


Also (they stuck me in the back :( but..) I'll be at T174 for Fanime 2012 with new prints this year!

Also, a lot of my WIP's are uploaded to tumblr and/or fb… if anyone is curious! (:

/slowly going through thousands of messages/
I may not be able to reply to every comment, but I do read each and everyone of them and look at everyone's gallery who stops by mine. I really appreaciate all your support! :love:

Here's food for thought. I need help to advertise that I'm taking commissions. I need you to advertise for me. For every person that gets a commission from me referred by you (they have to tell me that they saw/heard from you) you get 1 point. These points can be redeemed for commissions and prints of my artwork (guess I'll have to take some things out of storage 8DD). 1 person = 1 point = 1 dollar

Also a note on commissions, I will not be taking commissions based off of written descriptions unless you have compiled a list of reference images that will help constitute the whole.

Design commissions are based on another payscale since they will require multiple revisions. Please note me for more info if you want something designed. Price quotes will come with three revisions free. After that, I will charge by the hour on top of your base price.

Thanks again for reading. I just had to make some clarifications. Hope that helps. (:


Commissions prices are listed below. Please note me if you are interested and what you are interested in. I may be only taking one person per slot and will open them up as I finish them.

Traditional FULLY RENDERED pencils:…
busts: $27 USD
1/2 body: $47 USD
full body: $124 USD

1. Meilin-Son - bust x2 sketching
2. Audley DONE
3. Nic : D full body sketching
4. Blu-Winters - full body rendering

bust: $27 USD
1/2 body: $47 USD
full body: $78 USD

2. luminescence - full body CG - painting
3. dawsons-geek - full body CG

index card commissions…… 3"x5"
$7 each

1. Audley x 3 DONE
2. sandcastler x 1

half body line sketch commissions (no rendering) in sepia
$21 each

1. DanHowardArt


:iconjadedice: commission/jhack account
:iconslantypear: regular account
the cards are starting to trickle in! <33

edit2: yes, the cards will be printed (why the resolution size), i dont' know if they will be printed for other people besides the artist, maybe a limited edition set, or something like that, just to cover printing costs. we'll see. i'd like to be able to send decks to people who took part in it w/out them having to pay, so if that means that the cards will be sold to cover that, i hope the artists are okay with this. if not, please let me know. ;3

edit3: please, no more PM's about coming aboard this project. the slots were filled months ago, and there's already standbys. thank you very much for your interest and support in projects such as these. :]

finally (for those of you that don't know already), the official announcement of a massive multiartist card deck project here on dA, plus or minus a few. thank you everyone for showing so much interest in it. i wish i had a card for everyone that wanted to do one.

size: min 2.5inches x 3.5 inches (or keep it to those dimensions if you make it larger)
resolution: min. 300dip
leave .25 inches bleed margin
deadline: october (so you'll have plenty of time ;3) BUT if you do happen to finish it ahead of deadline, you can email me at w/the high resolution file with your name and website urls for credit.  i think i want to put all the cards on a poster size print too, i think that would look pretty awesome.
theme: sexy men, as you define it
design: since the emphasis of this deck is on art using cards as a base, i think it'd be better for the artists to figure out how to incorporate their number into their design rather than have me throwing the number on it in the end. i think that would be more creative and would produce better results.

** you don't have to do it like a traditional card, just as long as it fits w/in the dimensions stated above you should be fine. :3 go crazy with your design! have fun! i'm excited!!! :D

everyone, please go take a look at the galleries of the following individual. i hope there is enough diversity for everyone!

** = need to email me high res file
bold = recently finished card O:

jokers - taken

back card cover design:

ace: pd-inc…
king: miaow
queen: ChanpART
jack: look…
10: MayYeo…
9: MincedNiku…
8: --
7: ani-r…
6: jinx-star…
5: danielcross card:…
4: subeo…
3: Jandruff card:…
2: look…

ace: reapersun…
king: Lizzy-John…
queen: DanHowardArt…
jack: roxbaby…
10: siphios
9: --
8: --
7: ahriah luuurve : 3
6: dnieltxra…
5: Tirael…
4: kheleksul
3: Elvire…
2: LMJWorks…

ace: gentlemandeerlord…
king: klar
queen: ChristmasSocks…
jack: StudioQube…
10: Orenji-kun…
9: Overweight-Cat…
8: Fabio-Barboni…
7: luciole card:……
6: DawnElaineDarkwood…
5: doven…
4: fresh4u turned in ;3
3: cbernie…
2: robotnicc…

ace: dorkbait…
king: jisuk…
queen: Rephen…
jack: fayrenpickpocket…
10: hakubaikou…
9: kidchan…
8: niisan…
7: Kecky…
6: Brilcrist…
5: C-D…
4: GunnerRomantic…
3: iDNAR…
2: liaf…

on ward with teh eyecandy! ;3